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Double arch double-span greenhouse

Brand : Xinnong

Product origin : Qingzhou

Double arch double-span greenhouse is one of the vegetable greenhouse. It is used widely and has been approved by the vegetable growers. 

Double arch double-span greenhouse advantages:
Fast installation:  A single piece of PC board area of 2.1m × 6m, easy to install, no damage.
Good insulation:  Hollow PC board insulation effect is better than double-insulating glass.
Light weight:  Weight less than 2Kg / m2, greatly reducing the load of the body skeleton and save skeleton steel.
Bendability: PC board has good flexibility, can be bent into a curved, arched greenhouse applicable.
Cover material: Top polycarbonate hollow board (PC version) or wave board covered with a material having a light weight, good lighting, insulation, UV protection, anti-condensation, square hail, high flame resistance, aging resistance and other characteristics.
Greenhouse body: Hot-dip galvanized steel frame, roof and dome-shaped attractive points.

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